About Us

Kathalaya is an independent publishing company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Established in 2007, Kathalaya’s focus was on publishing quality children’s books in Nepali, English and other regional languages. Today, it has grown to publish popular literature and youth-centric books for adults and young adults under the imprint named “WeRead”. Besides publishing, Kathalaya is also engaged in implementing various programmes aimed to promote reading culture and habit among children in the country. These programmes include library development and reading activity packages for government and private schools. The books published by Kathalaya not only contain quality writing and illustrations, but more importantly are categorized according to age, grade and reading levels, which are essential tools needed to address reading skill issues of primary grade children. Today, Kathalaya has published more than 115 picture books for children ranging from stories, fact books, rhymes to encyclopedias and series books. To further promote reading culture in Nepal and Nepali language, literature and writers all over the world, Kathalaya has released Nepal’s first e-book reader application called “WeRead App” featuring books by Nepali writers and publishers.